Will marketing become obsolete?

Technology and automation are not something you should fear as a marketer; rather, they are our support resources. Technology and data insights will strengthen marketer value. Most B2B sales and marketing teams typically operate in a “serial” or linear fashion. Marketing engages prospective buyers early in their buying journey, qualifying their readiness and readiness for sales rep participation through “content nurturing.

Once those leads have been designated as “marketing qualified”, individual sellers are made charge and seek out those leads through in-person or virtual interactions. In between is “handover,” where marketing passes the baton to sales, and online customer engagement gives way to in-person customer engagement. Some marketing jobs will disappear due to AI. AI will improve some marketing work.

And AI will create new jobs. Recently, the word AI was just a buzzword. Everyone understood it as impeccable but unreal technology like the acrobatics we see in the Avengers movies. But, unfortunately, artificial intelligence is now real and working.

Virtually every industry, from insurance to construction, now relies heavily on marketing automation solutions. In twenty years, marketing will no longer be just marketing, but will be rebranded around customer experiences and CXO will lead the charge. You will not manage a team of digital marketers, but rather you will manage a team of marketers who know digital. Basically, a good marketing agent can make the difference between a company taking off and filing for bankruptcy.

Even in more advanced approaches to “account-based marketing”, that linear physics remains virtually indisputable. The power of email marketing lies in its ability to deliver personalized experiences to the right people at the right time. Therefore, digital marketers are increasingly using this digital marketing tool and instead focus more on using other types of digital marketing strategies that can create more leads. Because marketing really relies more on experience than messaging potential customers, the CXO role will reinforce this change.

While email marketing isn't something new, it's still alive and well and far from dead by the numbers. Most marketers have recognized the user's concern to deviate from these banner ads rather than focusing on the main reason they visited a given website. We are aware, at least unconsciously, that marketing jobs change over time, just like in all other industries. IBM's Watson for Marketing, for example, uses artificial intelligence bots to analyze its business and that of its closest competitors.

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