Marketing Strategies for Companies: 11 Examples of Success

You may be surprised, but law firms have benefited from a defined digital marketing strategy, even though only 75% of law firms don't have one. The most progressive healthcare facilities are building on this momentum by implementing blogs, questionnaires and online portals that allow them to interact with future patients. The more a person develops digital trust with a healthcare provider, the more they tend to trust them in person. Movies and television have always focused on commitment to fans.The ability to attract you and make you feel like you are part of the story is the purpose of the entertainment industry.

What better way to do this than with digital marketing? So, to help you get started, we've put together a list of the top 11 companies that we think have implemented a dynamic digital marketing strategy that increased the company's ROI and added value to customers. The following companies are not only dedicated to digital marketing, but they create experiences and content that captivate their audiences and bring exceptional brand awareness.Zappos, a Leader in Online Footwear Retailer, Sets the Gold Standard for Online Customer Service. In fact, its CEO wrote the book about it. It's no wonder they have a stellar digital strategy.

Not only does Zappos offer a 365-day money-back guarantee, but it also has free two-way shipping, should consumers decide to return or exchange products purchased on the site.As a result, Zappos doesn't have to put much effort into marketing its online presence, its policies are so appealing to consumers that shoppers are eager to praise each other in a completely organic (and viral) way. Entering the crowded personal finance niche (or any popular niche) is a daunting task for any startup, but the approach taken by the financial tracking tool Mint demonstrates that it's possible to stand out from the crowd through well-executed online marketing strategies.Shaving is the epitome of a boring routine, right? If you answered “of course” then obviously you haven't seen the legendary Dollar Shave Club launch video. DSC shook the notion of its monotonous, buttoned industry and threw it out the window.As one of MLB's main sponsors, the company wanted to execute its “invaluable” strategy and take advantage of the Chicago Cubs reaching the World Series for the first time in 71 years. Why? So they could be part of the story if (and when) the Cubs won.

What is the best way to do this? An effective digital marketing campaign. Uniqlo created the world's first “quick images” campaign and activated it in 100 locations and online.The campaign uses fast-moving images to provide a unique product code that is indecipherable to the naked eye. The Porsche 911 has been the dream car of almost every American child for more than 50 years and has been deeply rooted in the hearts of many car enthusiasts for several generations, which is why Porsche's mobile strategy was so great. At a time when most people use “wallpaper” on the home screen rather than on walls, the company wanted to reintroduce the 911 to a new generation focused on mobile devices.Typically, a global marketing strategy requires a company to conduct new market research and identify countries where the company's product could be successful, and then locate the brand to reflect the needs of those communities.

However, localization is not always necessary. Instead, some brands adopt a global standardization strategy. However, the key is to know when a global standardization strategy will be effective.Because it's based on universal appeal despite cultural or location differences, you'll need to research whether customers use or think about your products differently depending on their market. If there is no difference between use and understanding from one country to another, a global standardization approach is practical.So, if you're looking for inspiration on how to design a successful international marketing strategy and expand your business reach, check out these examples of the world's most successful companies.

Austrian company Red Bull does a great job with global marketing, which many Americans assume is a local brand. How? One of their most successful tactics is to organize extreme sports events around the world.From the Red Bull Grand Prix in Indianapolis to the Red Bull Air Race in the UK and the Red Bull Soapbox Race in Jordan, the brand's powerful event marketing strategy takes them here, there and everywhere. In addition to events, Red Bull packaging also plays a role in its global appeal. For smaller brands, reaching Red Bull's level of international recognition may seem unattainable, but you can mimic the brand's strategy by offering a remarkable product -the product you'll be best known for- then make sure to keep the packaging same no matter where you distribute it.Since then Airbnb has grown to more than 150,000 listings in more than 34,000 cities around the world.

Does it contribute greatly to company's explosive global success? His video campaign titled “Made Possible by Hosts”.Some companies may not be trying to attract global markets directly but if their customers are they better know how. Rezdy is an Australia-based booking software designed to make online bookings easy for both tourists and agents. Although Rezdy's clients are based in Australia, company needs serve its clients' international visitors. On its homepage it says it works for operators and agents in more than 100 countries.The World Wildlife Fund takes literal approach global marketing by having hundreds offices around world each with highly localized objectives for each region.

It goes global every year with its Earth Hour initiative voluntary global event which participants turn off lights for an hour demonstrate how easy it can be fight climate change.He specially promoted his Earth Hour....

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