Do Marketing Companies Drug Test?

Marketing is a creative industry, and most job prospects have had to be drug-tested at some point in their professional careers. However, those working in the marketing field are largely exempt from drug testing, especially on the lower rungs. Only 0.3% of marketing assistants and 3.8% of marketing coordinators are subject to pre-employment drug screening. Even fewer jobs require regular drug screenings during employment, with only 0.66 percent of job offers mentioning such tests.

Companies such as Apple don't have a drug testing policy for current or potential employees, and many IT jobs are outsourced, meaning there are a lot of companies that don't do drug testing in the IT industry. Qualcomm is a modern technology company that has a competitive hiring process that doesn't include drug screening. Those working in the creative industries, such as artists and creatives, don't usually get tested for drugs either. Social media marketing managers are also exempt from drug testing, as companies rely on the Internet to create brand awareness and drive new sales through social media platforms.

Journalism is also considered a weed-friendly job, with many media organizations abandoning their drug screening policies. In Ohio, applicants can only be tested with advance notice and after a job offer is made, while employees can only be tested if they are new employees, if there are reasonable suspicions of drug use, after an accident, or as part of follow-up after participating in a treatment program. Finally, there are many large companies that have been mentioned by current or former employees as places where drug tests are rare, don't exist, or are only done for those who drive or operate heavy machinery.

Laurence Gaff
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